slab jacking jessup md

Slab jacking is performed by injecting a polyurethane expanding foam underneath sunken concrete slabs to restore them to their original level. Slab jacking is also referred to as mud jacking, concrete lifting, concrete leveling, concrete raising, pressure grouting, and void filling.

  • Drill: A pattern of 5/8 inch holes are drilled through the sunken slab
  • Pump: Poly foam is injected under the slab with our specialized equipment. As the poly foam expands the voids under the slab are filled. Poly foam injection continues until the expansion has raised the concrete to the desired level.
  • Patch: Holes are patched with a grout mix and troweled smooth to make them nearly invisible.

Slab jacking is quick and easy. Since slabs are not being removed, there is very little mess or inconvenience. Surrounding grass is not dug up, so there is no reseeding and waiting for new grass to grow. Because the old slabs are still there, the color of the concrete remains constant. The slab can be put back into service as soon as they are raised.